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Employee Directory
Last Name First Name Title Phone Email
Felony Cases Contact for Info on felony cases (432)-203-5928
Misdemeannor Cases Contact for Info on misdemeanor cases (432)-203-6224
Avalos Sandra Receptionist (432)-688-4138 sandra.avalos@midlandcscd.net
Bachtold Catherine Director of Quality Assurance (432)-688-4123 catherine.bachtold@midlandcscd.net
Bell Allen Director (432)-305-4511 allen.bell@midlandcscd.net
Bernard Tracy j Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4126 tracy.bernard@midlandcscd.net
Corbell Shelby Director of Speciality Courts (432)-688-4130 shelby.corbell@midlandcscd.net
Diaz Melissa Director of High Risk Unit (432)-688-4142 melissa.diaz@midlandcscd.net
Dossey Kody Asst CSO/Intake (432)-688-4129 kody.dossey@midlandcscd.net
Duran Pearl TAIP Counselor (432)-688-4146 pearl.duran@midlandcscd.net
Elder Rebecca Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4106 rebecca.elder@midlandcscd.net
Ellison Stephen TAIP Counselor (432)-688-4113 stephen.ellison@midlandcscd.net
Frost Cathy Fiscal Operations Manager (432)-688-4108 cathy.frost@midlandcscd.net
Fryar Cheyenne Asst CSO (432)-688-4112 cheyenne.fryar@midlandcscd.net
Garcia Mario Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4115 mario.garcia@midlandcscd.net
Guerrero Hilario Director of Low Risk Unit (432)-688-4111 hilario.guerrero@midlandcscd.net
Guerrero Rachel Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4144 rachel.guerrero@midlandcscd.net
Hall Alan Restitution Clerk (432)-688-4135 alan.hall@midlandcscd.net
Harris Tabitha Asst CSO (432)-688-4139 tabitha.harris@midlandcscd.net
Herrera Rita Drug Court CSO (432)-688-4147 rita.herrera@midlandcscd.net
Ivey Tracy TAIP Counselor (432)-688-4110 tracy.ivey@midlandcscd.net
Jimenez Veronica Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4163 veronica.jimenez@midlandcscd.net
Johnson Mushonda UA Tech (432)-688-4159 mushonda.johnson@midlandcscd.net
Lujan Adam Director of Indirect Superv and Data Management (432)-688-4141 adam.lujan@midlandcscd.net
Lane Claudia Collections Unit Supervisor (432)-688-4120 claudia.lane@midlandcscd.net
Lane Norris Asst CSO (432)-688-4114 norris.lane@midlandcscd.net
Lillard Robert Drug Court CSO (432)-688-4125 robert.lillard@midlandcscd.net
Loya Natalie Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4103 natalie.loya@midlandcscd.net
Mcmorries Jennifer Peer Support Recovery Specialist (432)-688-4117 jennifer.mcmorries@midlandcscd.net
Neuser Julie TAIP Counselor (432)-688-4136 julie.neuser@midlandcscd.net
Nicholson Matthew Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4102 matthew.nicholson@midlandcscd.net
Ortiz Pedro Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4131 pedro.ortiz@midlandcscd.net
Parker Lindy Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4148 lindy.parker@midlandcscd.net
Pena Mario Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4187 mario.pena@midlandcscd.net
Ramirez Flora Assistant CSO (432)-688-4122 flora.rendon@midlandcscd.net
Ramirez Tatiana Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4140 tatiana.ramirez@midlandcscd.net
Rodriguez Amanda Assistant CSO (432)-688-4127 amanda.rodriguez@midlandcscd.net
Ryon Desirae Assistant CSO (432)-688-4132 desirae.ryon@midlandcscd.net
Seabrook Andrea Sex Offender Officer (432)-688-4133 andrea.seabrook@midlandcscd.net
Seay Rhea Asst CSO (432)-688-4137 rhea.seay@midlandcscd.net
Silva Jessica Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4143 jessica.silva@midlandcscd.net
Teston Johnny UA Tech (432)-688-4112 johnny.teston@midlandcscd.net
Torres Nickolas Community Supervision Officer (432)-688-4145 nickolas.torres@midlandcscd.net
Urias Bryan Asst CSO (432)-688-4186 bryan.urias@midlandcscd.net
Vargas Tania Asst CSO (432)-688-4109 tania.vargas@midlandcscd.net
Weatherspoon Bettie Veterans Court Officer (432)-688-4116 bettie.weatherspoon@midlandcscd.net
White Ashlea Director of Programs and Treatment (432)-688-4119 ashlea.white@midlandcscd.net
Yrizarry David MHI Officer (432)-688-4118 david.yrizarry@midlandcscd.net